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Five predictions for the economy and what to do about it

Roger Martin-Fagg made five predictions for the economy at the AEO Conference 2008. This is the Client Director Henley Management College economist who has made many gloomy predictions in the past and said at the same event last year there has … Continue reading

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Five reasons to be interested in Facebook once more

It comes in waves. One day I am obsessed with Twitter. Another day it is back to FriendFeed. But, at the moment, it’s Facebook. I’ll try and tell you why. Only a few months ago, I was asking on this blog … Continue reading

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Is it time to stop using the phrase “social media”?

Their eyes cloud over. Then there’s a nervous little laugh. Damn, I’ve lost them. It’s that phrase social media again, turning civilised human beings into twitching wrecks. They cannot escape its constant repetition at work where their email inboxes are filled … Continue reading

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Are bloggers ready for the competition from the arrival of so many former, print journalists?

Do bloggers realise quite what is about to hit them?  Following wave after wave of redundancies on US and UK  newspapers and a marked shift to web-only or web-dominant on those titles that survive, hundreds of traditional journalists are about to flood the bloggers hallowed … Continue reading

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Three easy ways to find blogs about your chosen subject when starting from scratch

I am often asked the same question by people who are about to start writing a blog. “Where do I start to find blogs about my chosen subject?” In answer to the question, here are three easy steps. What are you suggestions? Absolutely the first … Continue reading

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In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

Chris Brogan’s asks Should Every Outward Facing Employee Have a Web Presence? When the economy recovers and companies start hiring once more, should you only consider people for jobs who boast a social media profile? It would be simple to police. Google their name … Continue reading

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Could Barnado’s “feral children” advertisement ever become the UK’s Motrin saga?

Over the weekend, the power of social media to undermine a company’s reputation was on full display in the US. Mothers Twittered and blogged drug company Motrin into submission over its advertisement on YouTube targeting baby-sling wearing mums. The “Motrin Mothers” were outraged that … Continue reading

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