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Guest post: recombu shows how even affiliate sites are now competing with traditional media

Peter Moore’s guest post does two things: first, he shows how far affiliate marketing companies are prepared to change their business models to maintain their paid search rankings and, second, he drums home the argument that it is content, and quality content … Continue reading

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A list of counterintuitive behaviour that will improve your use of the web

Traditional media people – journalists, marketers, editors – are just like other professionals. They do the same things in print and via emails year after year because of intuition. Success came about by hoarding the content broadcasting to the users expecting a response … Continue reading

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It’s a myth that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI

Most social mediators have finished the year fearful, often justified, that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI (return on investment).  Their concerns are matched by more traditional players, companies and individuals who have come late to social media. They see the fun. … Continue reading

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An amusing take on marketers and social media

We loved this video so much that we kicked off our monthly meeting with it to the senior marketing managers this morning. The marketers have had a great autumn getting up to speed with social media but I am sure … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 achievements: Using Twitter to sell tickets to The Future of Social Media Conference

  Interesting news about an event at work. The Future of Social Media is a sold-out conference taking placce at the end of this month. It already boasted a LinkedIn group, a Twitter and now a Ning group. How has … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 achievements: exhibition marketer Rohan Verma makes a comment on an exhibitor’s blog

Rohan Verma, a marketer on the National Floor Show, made a comment on an exhibitor’s blog this week.  The McKay Flooring blog , written by Richard McKay (Technorati ranking 307, 264, authority 23), is absolutely spot on – sitting on the … Continue reading

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A list of companies using social media to market themselves in the UK

UPDATE: Please go to here if you wish to add your company’s name to this list. Let’s check out just how active social media is in the UK. In the spirit of Peter Kim and lists compiled collaboratively through the … Continue reading

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