US companies using social media to market themselves


I have circulated Peter Kim’s list of US companies using social media to market themselves to so many of my colleagues, I missed a trick. I should have just put up a short posting and circulated that. 

It is an extraordinary posting, displaying all the best qualities of the blogosphere:-

  • Collaborative – the list started out with over 100 companies but Peter Kim’s request for additions from readers of his blog more than doubled the list.
  • Linked – Kim carefully credits each contributor with a link back to that person’s blog, thus rewarding each contributor with further authority and pushing them up Technorati.
  • Viral/deeper links – other bloggers, in France and Mexico for instance with my blog, have then repeated his list and even credits, rewarding contributors yet further.
  • Open – Kim is a social media marketer so in the old world he would be considered to be alerting competitors to potential clients. But the posting itself merely enhances his social media credentials for any client. After all, if they now look up their company name on Google, they will now find their name really high up because of this posting!

So, two things in one: a seminal list AND a brilliant example of the collaborative, linked, open blogosphere at its best.

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One Response to US companies using social media to market themselves

  1. Cynthya says:

    While I’ve been keeping track of companies using social media strategies, I hadn’t come across this list. Good to see it in a visualization too. Thanks for sharing!

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