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Six steps to get started in social media

I am often asked by my colleagues and people on Tweets how to START in the world of social media, particularly blogging. So here’s my six step plan I would follow (ie sign up for their email alerted postings) blogs by former journalists … Continue reading

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Flickr’s new stats function

I am really impressed by the new stats functionality on Flickr. It appears as part of the redesigned homepage and takes a short while to upload (a matter of minutes for me). The level of information is far superior to the … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 achievements: exhibition marketer Rohan Verma makes a comment on an exhibitor’s blog

Rohan Verma, a marketer on the National Floor Show, made a comment on an exhibitor’s blog this week.  The McKay Flooring blog , written by Richard McKay (Technorati ranking 307, 264, authority 23), is absolutely spot on – sitting on the … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 achievements: The Publican’s slide show on Flickr

The Publican Sailing Regatta – a slide show on Flickr I am going to post every Web 2.0 achievement by my colleagues. First off comes The Publican, our magazine for the licensed trade, with a slide show of the recent Publican Sailing … Continue reading

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How Flickr and Ustream.TV can be used in blogging!

Apologies for not making as many traditional postings as usual. Nicholas (Yiannarakis), my partner, has been exhibiting at the Goldsmiths’ Fair 2008 and my daily attempt at helping on the stand has kept me from my laptop. Yet the number of … Continue reading

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Which companies help bloggers the most?

Which companies provide the best support to bloggers when everything goes wrong? I have been pondering this the last three months as I have worked on this blog. In that time I have educated myself from being someone who was … Continue reading

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Zemanta – what is it like to use?

Image by Zemanta via CrunchBase  Ever since I stumbled into this amazing linked in, collaborative world of blogs and social media, I am eternally looking for aggregators –  aggregators that bring all my digital activity together, like FriendFeedfor example. So it … Continue reading

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