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How easy is it to set up the Sweetcron Lifestream by Yongfook, part I?

Finally I (along with millions of others) received my email from Japanese webdesigner Yongfook providing the instructions to set up my own Sweetcron lifestream, just like his own well-known one. What Yongook has done is design a really neat aggregator … Continue reading

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What should a well designed website look like, part II?

We all had a good discussion in this office today about this website, circulated by Claudia Moeller, a colleague and art editor. It is around a year old but is part of a bigger conversation as to what makes a … Continue reading

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When will B2B magazines become fully immersed in the issues confronting the rest of the media?

What evidence is there that the structural changes bringing about rapid change to US media is mirrored in the UK? And where do B2B magazines figure in this revolution? Are they, in some way, immune? The changes evident in the … Continue reading

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B2B mags better at growing digital business than consumer titles

The Guardian newspaper reports today that City, that is investment, sentiment prefers B2B magazines over consumer titles. The reason – B2Bs are perceived to have been quicker at building their digtital revenues than consumer ones in the face of declining … Continue reading

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Jessica DaSilva comes under attack again

Jessica Da Silva, who writes powerfully and always with real emotion on her blog, has generated angry reactions to her latest posting once more.   Regular readers of These Digital Times will remember intern DaSilva worked for the The Tampa Tribune, a … Continue reading

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Blogger v WordPress – part iv

Just a little rant about WordPress. I took the decision almost two months ago that I would set up my blog on WordPress which has felt absolutely right. But one or two niggles in the last week. Why is it … Continue reading

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Does a digital business really need a corporate website?

Does a digital business need a website? I’ve been pondering this question for several weeks now, immersed as I have been in the blogosphere.  Inc 500, magazine research by The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Centre for Marketing Research, reported in … Continue reading

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