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Shaping your digital business for 2010

What struck me most about the AOP’s forum was the gentle patter of realism. Similar digital publishing seminars and conferences in the past have often boasted what might best be described as “digital extremists” who argue that traditional media is … Continue reading

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Guest post: what do traditional print and broadcast media have to learn from the music industry?

I attended Music Week’s ‘Making online music pay’ conference last week (run by colleagues from UBM) and got into conversation with Mark Muggeridge. He argued that some of the lessons learnt by the music business might apply to the some … Continue reading

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You’ve been asked to write a digital strategy. Now what?

You work in a traditional business. You already make a little bit of digital revenue from a website. Now you’ve been asked to map out a digital strategy to increase your digital activity, and ultimately, revenue. What do you say? … Continue reading

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Are bloggers ready for the competition from the arrival of so many former, print journalists?

Do bloggers realise quite what is about to hit them?  Following wave after wave of redundancies on US and UK  newspapers and a marked shift to web-only or web-dominant on those titles that survive, hundreds of traditional journalists are about to flood the bloggers hallowed … Continue reading

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In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

Chris Brogan’s asks Should Every Outward Facing Employee Have a Web Presence? When the economy recovers and companies start hiring once more, should you only consider people for jobs who boast a social media profile? It would be simple to police. Google their name … Continue reading

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Am I addicted to the web?

It sits in the corner of the room. An occasional blue light flashes innocuously. I head directly towards it. Am I addicted to the internet? Should I keep the habit secret? Some people are obsessed with online betting until they lose everything. Others … Continue reading

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A positive take on digital revenue in a credit-crunch era

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher makes clear in two postings, Dear Web2.0: It’s Still the Economy, Stupid! and Layoffs Hit Silicon Valley: HP Today, Who Tomorrow?, that neither Web 2.0 start-ups or more established digital businesses will be immune from the … Continue reading

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These Digital Times Daily 05/08/08 – China’s first blogger, bloggers becoming like journalists and Mygazines

My views on the most important digital stories of the day in the UK from the web, from the papers, from radio and TV. more about “These Digital Times Daily – 8. 5. 200…“, posted with vodpod In today’s broadcast … Continue reading

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A practical guide for print publications in a digital world

Fascinating posting by Popmatters’ Jason Gross, former geek turned rock journalist, offering advice for how long-running print publications can adapt to this brave new Net-driven world. Among his headings are Forget about easy answers “everything changes quickly” Forget about long-term answers too “there is … Continue reading

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Why has Microsoft sent me a magazine?

How peculiar. Arriving in the post (remember that!), a full-colour magazine on glossy paper (and remember that!) called Microsft Connections in Communications. I cannot even find the address for a website within its pages. While Microsoft’s customers in the media … Continue reading

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