You’ve been asked to write a digital strategy. Now what?

strategy4You work in a traditional business. You already make a little bit of digital revenue from a website. Now you’ve been asked to map out a digital strategy to increase your digital activity, and ultimately, revenue.

What do you say?

You’ve worked with websites for almost a decade so obviously you know everything there is to know. You don’t really like the web at all, if you were honest (but you definitely would not admit it). You think the web is a dull, unresponsive little thing. You hope it is a fad that will go away.

What do you do?

What you should do is to set about finding out how much you do not know. You probably won’t because you are not aware of what you do not know. You’ve managed to keep clear of new fangled things like Twitter (“what a silly name!”) and blogs (“no one ever comments on them anyway”). You think Facebook is for mooning teenagers and “online communities” means blasting out emails to an ever lengthening list of people.

What could you do?

You could give the web a try. You could sign up to some of these things with funny names that everyone is talking about. You might just find that, what you thought of as a dull, was actually quite interesting. More than that, you might just begin to glimpse the new world on the web. You might see how responsive it is, how you can network with people in very different ways and how you can conduct its rythmns and passions like a symphony.  

What would you do then?

You would experience happiness from the clarity. You would be relieved that you had not taken any irreversible decisions during your earlier ignorance. You would now be aware of how much you did not know. Now you are ready to research your community and find out what they really want and what they already use. You would begin to be in the position that you could write that digital strategy you had been asked to do several weeks earlier. You would do it rather well.

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2 Responses to You’ve been asked to write a digital strategy. Now what?

  1. Tim Lloyd says:

    An excellent piece – people must understand that different media can address the same audience in different ways, and complement each other.

  2. robenslin says:

    Very interesting post John.

    I think Digital Strategists should should never lose sight of their target product client base and appropriate SM toolset. By this I mean you wouldn’t attempt to butter your toast with a fork or spoon (social media cutlery) first before using the knife. You understand (by observing/researching) your task (target audience) first and use the appropriate tools to successfully complete the job.

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