In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

Chris Brogan’s asks Should Every Outward Facing Employee Have a Web Presence? When the economy recovers and companies start hiring once more, should you only consider people for jobs who boast a social media profile?

It would be simple to police. Google their name and if it did not appear, they just aren’t suitable.  I do not only include people who might be joining a web team but also sales, marketing and all mainstream, traditional and outward-facing departments. Each and every one of them will be using social media to network with their community in the near future.

So what would be the minimum social media profile for an employee?

  • A Facebook profile (with lots of “havin’ a laff'” photos)? Sorry, not good enough since most people cannot relate their personal use of a social network to the use of social media in a professional environment.  
  • A LinkedIn profile? If your profile is bang up to date and you’ve joined some half-decent groups, I might look at your CV. Bonus points if you have links to some key contacts in the particular business sector you are covering or joining. But, still, you still don’t really know what social media is, do you? 
  • Linkedin profile and a Twitter? Oooh, you’re well on the way to an interview now. I might have a quick one-over of your Tweets to see whether you have any idea of Twitter etiquette and have an even quicker scan through your followers/whom you are following. But, at least you’ve got going.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter AND a blog? Wow. You’ve really got my attention. I do not even mind if your blog is about shoeing horses or the magic of Australia’s outback. I am interested in which web-hosted, social media apps’ you’ve cut-and-paste onto your blog. Let’s just hope you make the grade when you come for the interview!

The present economic climate might make such questions seem academic. But in these tough times, few traditional companies wish to come out of this recession with their digital business diminished, instead they want it to be enhanced. So the absorption of social media into all B2B and B2C activity will only accelerate. We need to think now what might be the skills future employees will need to deliver it.

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1 Response to In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

  1. Felix says:

    This is a ridiculous article. A great man once said “The state has no place in the bedroom of the nation.” How come corporations do?

    I certainly hope that companies hire meritocratically, not from some quasi-research method that is wrought with nepotism, predjudice and overall BS.

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