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Why are so many B2B media blogs anonymous?

To be honest, occasionally it has been a pretty lonely existence being a blogger. Of course there is instant gratification when you can get to know and collaborate rub with Peter Kim, a leading social media marketer, or Jay Rosen, the … Continue reading

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In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

Chris Brogan’s asks Should Every Outward Facing Employee Have a Web Presence? When the economy recovers and companies start hiring once more, should you only consider people for jobs who boast a social media profile? It would be simple to police. Google their name … Continue reading

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B2B magazine websites are “highly valued” according to AOP

Good news for B2B magazine websites from the AOP – the Association of Online Publishers which represents a wide cross section of media in the UK. Its most recent survey showed that B2B websites were: a highly valued and indispensable source of information … Continue reading

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A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

You can meet everyone in the blogosphere: leading social media marketers such as Jeremiah Owyang; top journalism teachers such as Jay Rosen and creative programmers such as Yongfook. But try and find a decent group of bloggers posting about Business-to-Business media and you … Continue reading

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