A practical guide for print publications in a digital world

Fascinating posting by Popmatters’ Jason Gross, former geek turned rock journalist, offering advice for how long-running print publications can adapt to this brave new Net-driven world. Among his headings are

  • Forget about easy answers “everything changes quickly”
  • Forget about long-term answers too “there is not going to be a solution that’s going to last for years”
  • Fear and ignorance drive the technology industry companies ” go ahead an buy [software] even if they do not know what they are getting into – they just do not want to fall behind”
  • Don’t think that the latest hip craze will save you “even if a tech solution is working for one place, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to work for you”
  • Stop resting on your laurels and stop crying about the past “having a solid print presence does not mean you’ll get good web traffic” 

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  • Don’t hate on the newbie tech sites – make your own online presence “this means not just having blogs but also presences on places like Facebook”
  • Work closer with tech eggheads – they might be your best friends “what makes both sides in this equation equally brainless is that they don’t see the value of working more closely together”
  • Squeeze as much you can outta tried and true web technology “there’s some good, solid technology out there that you can and should be using for your publication’s website”
  • Your web presence is global, not local, so you need to act that way “Don’t give up on local stories…that’s a unique strength that you can and should take advantage of…but why ignore the outside world when it’s potentially knocking at your door”
  • Think about what you can learn from other industries stressed out by the Net “when the main product that you’ve monetized ain’t bringing in revenue, look to the periphery for other ways to made do”
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