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Can social networking make money?

 Craig Stolz asks, among other questions, in his blog following the Digital Media Conference in Vermont whether social networking can make money. And two weeks later, Todd van Hoosear, writing in Topaz Partners’ Tech PR Gems, writes that There are lots of good examples … Continue reading

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Blogger versus WordPress – part II

Back to the subject of Blogger versus WordPress – two very different software packages for blogs. For those of you still with me, I started a blog recently on Blogger and have now got a second on WordPress. I write … Continue reading

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Paul Way’s opinion on Viewzi

My colleague Paul Way had some cool comments to make about Viewzi and Searchme which I repeat here: ” I think these new searches are very interesting although I don’t know if there is an immediate message we should be … Continue reading

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The Guardian does blogging

Lively debate in today’s Guardian Online. Roy Greenslade, who once was the most traditional of journalists and editors, argues for the value of blogging and discusses the threat to journalism of bloggers. It’s a neat piece, nothing new, but will … Continue reading

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Twitter as business tool?

Heh, I got my first first business-to-business contact through Twitter today. I had become somewhat irritated at the slow rate of take-up by some of our teams for an amazing offer by a company owned by our own parent company. … Continue reading

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It’s the economy, stupid!

So MySpace is going through a redesign. “Dubbed ‘MySpace 2.0′ internally, the redesign will be completed over the next four months and a wide range of new features introduced, all intended to shed its reputation as a media platform for … Continue reading

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Just how two faced can you get?

Striking staff at France’s leading paper Le Monde are demanding that print becomes integrated with online as one way to save the paper from a wave of redundancies. Bizarrely the online offering, one of the few parts of the paper … Continue reading

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