Blogger versus WordPress – part II

Back to the subject of Blogger versus WordPress – two very different software packages for blogs. For those of you still with me, I started a blog recently on Blogger and have now got a second on WordPress. I write in my Blogger one and cut and paste into my WordPress blog until I can make up my mind which one to go with. So what is my take now?

In favour of WordPress

  1. The links from tags straight into a list of others’ blogs is just great. Why write in isolation when you can join the blogsphere in one easy move?
  2. You just need to make a link to another bloggers’ URL and a quote appears immediately as a comment.
  3. I got my first comment with two hours of starting my WordPress blog.
  4. You ask a question of their service desk and they get back to you just fine!

Against WordPress

  1. It looks lousy compared to Blogger.
  2. Lots of different templates but features do not translate from one to another ie Twitter feed.
  3. The CMS is so much less friendly that Blogger and difficult to understand.

But I have come to decision. I will close down my Blogger blog and stay with WordPress. Why can there not be a package that is somewhere in between – firmly embedded in the blogosphere, good to look at AND easy to use. And why do both of them make it so difficult to cut and paste a screengrab from the web?

Interested in whether to use Blogger or WordPress for you blog, see Blogger versus WordPress – part I and Blogger versus WordPress – part III.

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