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Five more online skills you must master BEFORE you start a blog

Earlier this week, I launched the first of my two part campaign to encourage people to master five online skills before they start a blog. I promised five more online skills. So here they are. Once again, I make suggestions for … Continue reading

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Technorati and Pew surveys contradict eachother

I am sitting here confused, and to be honest rather angry. Yesterday’s Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008 got me really excited with its claim that over three quarters of internet users read blogs. I even wrote a posting about … Continue reading

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Two surveys reveal social media becoming mainstream in the US

Two surveys out this week – one by Technorati and the other by MarketTools – show just how big, just how mainstream the blogosphere has become in the US. Here is a quote from Matt Rhodes’ posting on FreshNetworks Blog. … Continue reading

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Cool function when commenting on the Skype blog!

How cool is this? When you go to comment on the Skype blog, you do not leave your blog’s URL, as is normal, but your Skype name which clicks through to your Skype profile. Nothing too unusual in that but … Continue reading

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Why not use FriendFeed to live blog – how to live blog an event/part II

Darren ‘Problogger’ Rowse’s recommendation to read WebWorkerDaily’s posting on live blogging comes just as a colleague has done just that on his blog. It gets me thinking. Why not use FriendFeed to live blog from a conference, for example? In fact, why not … Continue reading

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What will blogs look like in future?

It is quite clear that there are about to be fundamental changes in what blogs will look like. Or, perhaps a better phrase, what part blogs will play in people’s future digital identity. Blog ReadWriteRead summed up the changes recently … Continue reading

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Blogging like “karaoke” according to former Orlando Sentinel reporter

Mark I Pinsky, a former reporter on US paper the Orlando Sentinel, analyses why the US newspaper industry is in such parlous states in the Guardian.  There’s also a problem we cannot control. Journalism’s statesmen and academics may differ, but … Continue reading

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These Digital Times Daily 06/08/08 – Press Gazette online-only future and rules for bloggers in big corporations

My views on the most important digital stories of the day from the web, from the papers, from radio and TV. more about “These Digital Times Daily – 8. 6. 200…“, posted with vodpod In today’s broadcast “Press Gazette owner … Continue reading

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How to get more traffic to your blog

Two recent postings really pushed up the traffic on my site this week: one pretty logical; the other far from it!  What has been working? The first trick has been to get a comment on Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch that really … Continue reading

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Employees of big corporations who blog – what are the rules?

I don’t know which one I find more disturbing:a blogger who gives up his blog because no one can distinguish between him and the company he works for; or a company that produces such rules for its own staff about their … Continue reading

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