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What happens to your Twitter followers when you change jobs?

Twitter has been around long enough for some regular Twitterers to have changed jobs. If so, what happens to your Twitter followers when you change jobs? Do all those who once followed you for your insights on one particular subject … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s first speech as Prime Minister compared to Gordon Brown’s resignation speech

The word “government” was the most frequently used word in David Cameron’s first speech as Prime Minster, below, surprising for a politican who campaigned so hard to cut down the size of government. (I quickly Wordled* David Cameron’s first speech … Continue reading

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Guest post: plan the end of your blog with the same care that you plan its beginning

It’s not the beginning of a blog you need to worry about, argues guest blogger Peter Moore, it’s how to end one that matters. And just relax about closing it down. It may well give life to another, more vibrant … Continue reading

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Five steps to revive your blog

You could not get me to log into this blog towards the end of last year. I had neglected it to such an extent that I dreaded to find out just how badly. Finally when I did, I was surprised. … Continue reading

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Why I am now learning more about social media from my family, friends and colleagues

When I started finding out about social media, I read the blogs  and followed the Tweets of leading practitioners. Their practicalities swiftly got me going. Eighteen months later, I’ve got  a new circle of teachers and influencers. And this time … Continue reading

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Why a Google Profile is essential

What do you link to on your Twitter or email signature? Do you link to your blog or your Linkedin profile? Or what about your work website or perhaps even your Facebook? I used to link to my blog on … Continue reading

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Another five reasons why companies should get into social media

Companies are not using social media just to interact better with their customers or clients. They are increasingly doing it to engage with their own staff, according to research released last week by Melcrum, the internal communications research and training … Continue reading

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