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David Cameron’s first speech as Prime Minister compared to Gordon Brown’s resignation speech

The word “government” was the most frequently used word in David Cameron’s first speech as Prime Minster, below, surprising for a politican who campaigned so hard to cut down the size of government. (I quickly Wordled* David Cameron’s first speech … Continue reading

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Which UK newspaper is most blog-friendly?

I posted up a “wordle”or tag cloud of all speeches given by the UK’s political leaders at their national conventions over the last three weeks – US readers might be used to wordles but they are unknown in the UK … Continue reading

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Opposition leader David Cameron’s speech at the Conservative Party conference as a wordle

Here is the entire speech of opposition leader David Cameron to the Conservative Party conference this afternoon in London presented as a “wordle”, or tag cloud. The toy gives greater prominence to those words that are most often used. Note how the words “today”, “financial”  and “need” seem … Continue reading

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