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You’ve been asked to write a digital strategy. Now what?

You work in a traditional business. You already make a little bit of digital revenue from a website. Now you’ve been asked to map out a digital strategy to increase your digital activity, and ultimately, revenue. What do you say? … Continue reading

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Five more online skills you must master BEFORE you start a blog

Earlier this week, I launched the first of my two part campaign to encourage people to master five online skills before they start a blog. I promised five more online skills. So here they are. Once again, I make suggestions for … Continue reading

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Five online skills you must master BEFORE you start a blog

 When did people mistake blogging as a platform from which to mouth off their opinions?  As a result of being asked to read one too many this week, I am launching a new two-part campaign. Five online skills you must master BEFORE you start … Continue reading

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What do big variances in the number of your RSS subscribers mean?

Do your RSS subscribers vary radically from one day to another? Does a sudden surge in subscribers indicate your blog posts are perfectly aligned with your community? Does a decline mean you are hopelessly mistaken in what you do ? … Continue reading

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President Obama’s inauguration speech as a Wordle

A Wordle is a “tag cloud” or  “word cloud” which clearly indicates key words used in any text. Here I have cut President Obama’s inauguration speech, delivered an hour ago, from the BBC website and then pasted it into the … Continue reading

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Guest post: eight tips to convert a social media relationship into a telephone conversation

 My second guest post is by Endaf Kerfoot, leader of LinkedIn’s Future of Social Media group (disclosure: and a colleague).  Endaf is sales manager of an exhibition called Internet World and also contributes to the Internet World blog. He has expanded his … Continue reading

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Short break from posts – I am away in England’s Lake District

Sorry about the break in postings. Again, away visiting family in England’s Lake District which is famous for its mountains and lakes. We certainly enjoyed the spectacular scenery today. In a day or two, I will be publishing a guest … Continue reading

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Don’t overlook the social network your community is already in!

One morning, there’s just one in your email inbox. The next day there’s three. And after that, they don’t stop coming. So-and-so would like you to join them on Plaxo/Ning/Xing… And suddenly, a social network you had never thought of, often … Continue reading

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Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday

I have so many people asking me how to write Tweets.  So I have provided a list of generic types using real Tweets by some of the social and new media people I follow. This is a list of Tweets for … Continue reading

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What to do when your social media is frustrating you

We’ve all done it. We’ve been so frustrated by the lack of traditional response to our social media activity, we’ve gone back to our old ways. We’ve written what we thought was the best-blog-post-ever and then no one read it. … Continue reading

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