Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday

I have so many people asking me how to write Tweets.  So I have provided a list of generic types using real Tweets by some of the social and new media people I follow.

This is a list of Tweets for those who want to use Twitter to develop skills to cultivate a community, a professional community at that. If you are using Twitter to communicate with your mates, it will not be relevant.

And, remember, there is little point polishing your Tweets if you have not been selective about people to follow on Twitter and people not to follow on Twitter.

The information Tweet

@fruchter Seth Godin on sending a personal email. Common sense but worth the read.

Helping your community with knowledge is a core reason for people to follow you. I get RSS feeds of over 30 blogs but a Tweet with a link from someone you trust and respect, like social media expert Mike Fruchter, is a great way to have a really important post brought to your attention quickly.

(which can also be ) The wise Tweet

@jayrosen_nyu  If people on all sides think you’re unfair you could be doing something right. You could also be doing everything wrong.

Only a few people, such as NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen,  can do this one and get away with it – impart a phrase of wisdom that informs your community without a link to an article, picture or video.

The introduction Tweet

@psmith please welcome @jonslattery, former Press Gazette deputy editor and top blogger, to the halls of Twitter

Introducing new people to your community and explaining that person’s worth is really important. Jon Slattery has years of distinguished experience in traditional media and has now launched a blog. He is exactly the sort of person that anyone interested in an analysis of the changes taking place in traditional media should follow – exactly the sort of people who follow paidContent’s Patrick Smith.

The ReTweet

@tojulius RT @gerkmanaThinking of joining blog network? Read this first. [I’ve been thinking of leaving network, lately]

How cool is this one! If you see a great Tweet, reTweet it, that is send it out to your own community with the letters RT or the word “reTweet” at the front. Remember to clearly indicate who wrote the original by adding the name (@gerkmana in my example). You not only show how useful you are to your community, as Julius Solaris, another social media expert, has done. You also show how you help others.

Update: thanks to William Murray for pointing out this omission!

The status Tweet

@jowyang I’m going to be trying some other technologies and tactics for a while, going to be on a Twitter hiatus.

Don’t forget. When you have a regular feed of good things for your community, it will miss you if you go offline for a while, particularly if you are a high-profile, social media guru like Jeremiah Owyang.

The question Tweet

@GeorgeHopkin Anyone know of a list of UK newspapers with Twitter accounts?

 Do feel free to ask a question but, 1, don’t ask too many times, and George Hopkin, the digital director for a UK regional newspaper company, doesn’t, and, 2, don’t get too spooked if nobody answers.

The blog post Tweet

@johnwelshJust rewritten my blog’s “About me” page and a new “About you” page (idea @Armano

It’s very bad form, well I certainly don’t like it, if you just use Twitter to blast out links to your blog – it’s using traditional push techniques to abuse social media. But if you do it, be clever. Here, I hope to remind my community of a good idea that they could use but give full credit to the originator David Armano and a link to the blog post.

If you thought this post was useful, reTweet it to your community!

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14 Responses to Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday

  1. MI New Media says:

    As someone fairly new to Twitter, I found this very helpful. I’ve been looking for a way to contribute, and you’ve given me some great suggestions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Bill says:

    You didn’t mention retweets.

  3. Barb says:

    Great post – clearly stated! I would add “The Connection Tweet”… It’s what comes after The Introduction Tweet. From a marketing perspective, people buy from those they know, like and trust. Twitter is one way to get to know others & they, you. Connect with people in your target market daily with a little bit of chat. (A little bit!) People like to know you are a real person… What do you think?

  4. Johan Lont says:

    I have seen blog post after blog post on do’s and don’ts of twitter that make no sense because they totally ignore the different goals people have for their twitter use. I commend the author of this article for mentioning for which type of users these recommendations are meant.

  5. TeriB says:

    Thanks. Whether building a community or working on other things, I think it is very very hard to develop good twitter-quette—–my mom sure never taught me that! But I hope I am slowly learning so those that do follow me aren’t irritated or totally turned off! Teri Twitter: Teri_B

  6. John Welsh says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I obviously spotted an information gap about Twitter (surprising when so much has been written about it!). Your comments certainly take the conversation on.


  7. Raul says:

    I agree w/ previous commenter – the Introductory Tweet and the Networking Tweet (hey @XYZ meet @ALB) or (hey @WRD my friend @ZLDF needs help with this, you might be able to help)

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  10. Roger Silen says:

    Fantastic Article…. Short and to the point.. It is very important for new tweeters to realize the importance of sharing in the community and this is a perfect how to list. If you make it a habit of mixing up your tweets using these different forms you will successfully cultivate an enormous twitter community..



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  13. Sage advice, as always.

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