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A list of UK bloggers and Twitterers who are beginning to rival their US peers for my attention

Six months ago, my daily fix of blogs and Twitters originated in the US or Canada Whether it was Jeremiah Owyang, Jay Rosen or Mark Potts, their posts and Tweets provided me with a swift and fascinating education in both new and … Continue reading

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Six types of Tweets if you Twitter everyday

I have so many people asking me how to write Tweets.  So I have provided a list of generic types using real Tweets by some of the social and new media people I follow. This is a list of Tweets for … Continue reading

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Five people to follow on Twitter in 2009

UPDATED 02/01/09: The list has now become six names. Just as there are five people I am no longer following on Twitter, so I would recommend five people to follow on Twitter in 2009.  My criteria for following are these they … Continue reading

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A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

You can meet everyone in the blogosphere: leading social media marketers such as Jeremiah Owyang; top journalism teachers such as Jay Rosen and creative programmers such as Yongfook. But try and find a decent group of bloggers posting about Business-to-Business media and you … Continue reading

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After three months of blogging!

Three months in and 112 postings, 46 comments and two templates later.  My hits are approaching 5,000, 178 in one day, and my readers are completely global My Technorati ranking stands at 388,404, up from 1.5 million two months ago I … Continue reading

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How to get blogs to the top of Google

Here’s a fine idea from NYU journalism teacher and maverick Jay Rosen on how to get your blog to the top of Google. It concerns an anecdote by 60 Minutes‘ Lesley Stahl about reporting on President Ronald Reagan. It takes … Continue reading

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Digg’s Kevin Rose and NYU’s Jay Rosen launch video diaries!

Digg founder Kevin Rose and NYU journalist teacher Jay Rosen post up new daily video diaries. The first uses ustream.tv, the latter seesmic.com, both of which allow the user to film and upload in one integrated process. Rose’s broadcast tells the story of … Continue reading

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