A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

You can meet everyone in the blogosphere: leading social media marketers such as Jeremiah Owyang; top journalism teachers such as Jay Rosen and creative programmers such as Yongfook. But try and find a decent group of bloggers posting about Business-to-Business media and you will be disappointed.

First, there are not that many (one on my list isn’t actually a blogger yet) and, second, why are so many B2B media blogs anonymous – of which I do not approve. You just do not find such high levels of anonymity in other parts of journalism so why B2B media?

UPDATED AND REVISED: 31 January 2009

  1. Paul Conley –  As a US-based consultant to B2B media, Conley is a witness to the rapid changes taking place in the sector. I just wish he would write more.
  2. Adam Tinworth– RBI’s blogging maestro takes you on a great ride through digital with One Man and His Blog. Originator of the word “Hackopalypse”.
  3. Rory Brown – Incisive Marketing Division’s former MD is a welcome addition to the B2B pool of bloggers.
  4. Neil Thackray – Reed, the Miller Freeman, then CEO of Quantum and finally Nexus. What more could you want from a B2B blogger.
  5. Asia Business Media – Paul Woodward of Business Strategies Group in Hong Kong.
  6. ASPBE National Blog – blogroll of the American Society of Business Publication Editors.
  7. Harmeek Singh– Publisher based in India and obviously someone who carefully reads and conscientiously comments on blogs. But Singh does not appear to have his own blog – he should!
  8. Business Media Blog – well written blog focusing on US B2B media but drawing on UK media but an anonymous blog. Not to be confused with…
  9. Business Media– a blog focusing on UK B2B. Anonymous.
  10. illiterato – A B2B journalist who covers general business news but can comment really well on B2B media – and should do more of it! Anonymous.
  11. Private Frazer’s Doomed Magazines – named after the hilarious Dad’s Army character, Private Fraser maps the decline of the magazine sector. Anonymous.

So here’s my list. Have you got any to suggestions?

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4 Responses to A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

  1. illiterato says:

    Thanks for the link, John. I mean to contribute more to the B2B discussions, but my real-life self is a bit busy at the moment.

    As for the anonymity part, I think of it more as an alternative identity. I’m not particularly secretive and would reveal my name to anyone who asked, but because I write about very different things in my blog from my magazine writing, I think it’s fitting I write under a different name for now.

  2. Alison says:

    I’ve been looking for a list like this. Thanks for sharing it. I edit a vendor B2B pub for SAS and blog as well. I’m very interested in the transition from print to Web for these types of materials, so this list is a great resource for me.

  3. Justin King says:

    I recently created my list of B2B twitterers. Feel free to *steal* from this list.


  4. privatefraser says:

    Hi John. My reason for being anonymous is because my day job would be seriously affected (‘not necessarily to my advantage’) should too many people know who ‘Private Frazer’ is; in effect it would mean moderating comments, or sitting on information, so as not to offend clients. As one of the reasons for starting the blog was to let off steam about some of the stupid decisions that I saw happening in magazine publishing an ‘unanonymous’ blog would be a wee bit anodyne.

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