After three months of blogging!

Three months in and 112 postings, 46 comments and two templates later. 

  • My hits are approaching 5,000, 178 in one day, and my readers are completely global
  • My Technorati ranking stands at 388,404, up from 1.5 million two months ago
  • I have had comments made by Jay Rosen, Brian Donohue, Charles Arthur, Martin Stabe, Vuthy, YongFook and Paul Conley
  • One posting has been recommended by Jeremiah Owyang through a Twitter
  • Comments have come from the US, UK, India and Germany
  • Eleven people now subscribe to this blog either through an RSS feed or email alerts
  • I have tried widgets by Facebook, LinkedIn, Clustr Map, Flickr, MyBloglog, Zemanta,, Sweetcron, FriendFeed, Feedburner to name just a few
  • Forcing yourself to have an idea a day makes you get up to speed with a new sector very quickly
  • What a way to network, sitting at your desk, interacting with the world

What comes next?

UPDATE: so what came next – next day actually – was that I put a wordle of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s conference speech and then made a comment on the Guardian’s site. The result was the most traffic in one day and another 20,000 leap in the Technorati rankings in one day! Roll on.

Five lessons after a month of blogging, click here.

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About John Welsh

John Welsh has spent his entire working life in business-to-business media, first traditional publishing, having edited three magazines over 14 years, and, second, exhibitions since 2007. He started this blog on 22 June 2008 and ended it on 18 May 2010.
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3 Responses to After three months of blogging!

  1. Paul Conley says:

    Hi John,
    Congratulations on three months of success! Keep it up.

  2. Adam says:

    Eleven people now subscribe to this blog either through an RSS feed

    Well, I’m one. Just another 10 to identify…

  3. Luis says:

    I didn’t know about this blog but your stuff is good. I’m keeping an eye on your blog now.

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