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Guest post: how cult YouTube directors can interest a young demographic in the issue of climate change

Who better to write this blog post on Blog Action Day 2009 than my sister Cheryl Campbell? Cheryl is the executive director of tve, a charity that has been making films and documentaries about the environment for 25 years. Here she … Continue reading

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Shaping your digital business for 2010

What struck me most about the AOP’s forum was the gentle patter of realism. Similar digital publishing seminars and conferences in the past have often boasted what might best be described as “digital extremists” who argue that traditional media is … Continue reading

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Guest post: recombu shows how even affiliate sites are now competing with traditional media

Peter Moore’s guest post does two things: first, he shows how far affiliate marketing companies are prepared to change their business models to maintain their paid search rankings and, second, he drums home the argument that it is content, and quality content … Continue reading

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A list of eight answers to the most commonly-used excuses for not using the web

Have you noticed how people come up with excuses for not using the web? The strange thing is how the excuses follow the same patterns – time/privacy/demographics – and are repeated, almost word for word, by quite different people (particularly … Continue reading

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Seth Grimes on the semantic web – but is B2B media ready to benefit?

Seth Grimes, an analyst specialising in business intelligence and text analysis, gave a fascinating presentation – “an introduction to the semantic web and text-mining” – last week in London. I will try and give you a flavour of his presentation … Continue reading

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Guest post: what do traditional print and broadcast media have to learn from the music industry?

I attended Music Week’s ‘Making online music pay’ conference last week (run by colleagues from UBM) and got into conversation with Mark Muggeridge. He argued that some of the lessons learnt by the music business might apply to the some … Continue reading

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JEEcamp 2009: Interview with Paul Bradshaw – on the future of journalism

Paul Bradshaw, JEEcamp organiser, has strong views on journalism’s future. People will not pay for content but only a platform, he argues, so journalists should create their content around services. Hear what he has to say in a short interview … Continue reading

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