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How do you celebrate digital progress in your workplace?

Last week saw our second, annual Digital Achievement Day – a moment when everyone across the company celebrates the change in our culture as we move from a traditional to a new media company. The day started with balloons on … Continue reading

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Interview with Hollis Thomases – on balancing the public and the private in social media

Hollis Thomases and I only knew eachother through Twitter so it seemed appropriate to Tweetup in San Francisco. She answers the questions I posted recently on my blog. Listen as she reminds us that social media has been around longer than … Continue reading

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The etiquette of permission networking

You’ve heard of permission marketing, right?  As defined by Seth Godin, it is the transformation wrought by social media encouraging people to opt-in to rather than opt-out of marketing. Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and … Continue reading

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What is a Tweetup and what does one feel like?

OK, first up. A Tweetup is a meeting between people with the who, where and when arranged on Twitter. Sounds simple. But a key ingredient, to differentiate it from a mere meeting, is that the people concerned should only be … Continue reading

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