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JEEcamp 2009: pictures from the event

For coverage of the event go Martin Belam here or here, Michael Haddon here and Kasper Sorensen here.  But for those wanting pictures, my photos are in a slideshow below and can be found in a Flick set here. And finally here … Continue reading

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JEEcamp 2009: Interview with Martin Belam – on the future of journalism

I was in Birmingham yesterday for JEEcamp. It’s a great opportunity to talk about journalism and, more specifically, how to make money from it. I asked Martin for his predicitions on the future of the press “There was news when … Continue reading

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How do you celebrate digital progress in your workplace?

Last week saw our second, annual Digital Achievement Day – a moment when everyone across the company celebrates the change in our culture as we move from a traditional to a new media company. The day started with balloons on … Continue reading

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Interview with David Cohn – the future of investigative journalism

David Cohn’s is an experiment “to preserve investigative journalism” in the San Francisco bay area.  This is how it works. Members of the public choose which topic should be investigated by a journalist, pledging anything from $5 upwards.  Listen to … Continue reading

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Use the rules of traditional journalism to ensure you’re on your best behaviour in social media

Social media encourages a sense of glorious informality. But do not let its appearance blind you to the necessity of rules. Take the issue of confidentiality. Can you Tweet a comment made in a LinkedIn group? Can you write in your blog something that … Continue reading

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A list of UK bloggers and Twitterers who are beginning to rival their US peers for my attention

Six months ago, my daily fix of blogs and Twitters originated in the US or Canada Whether it was Jeremiah Owyang, Jay Rosen or Mark Potts, their posts and Tweets provided me with a swift and fascinating education in both new and … Continue reading

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Is an MA in Social Media strictly necessary?

Would you be impressed by a candidate boasting the University of Salford’s proposed MA in Social Media (hat tip Chi-chi Ekweozor)? Recruitment is becoming a key issue for any traditional company building its digital business. Does it continue to appoint people in … Continue reading

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