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Guest post: plan the end of your blog with the same care that you plan its beginning

It’s not the beginning of a blog you need to worry about, argues guest blogger Peter Moore, it’s how to end one that matters. And just relax about closing it down. It may well give life to another, more vibrant … Continue reading

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Guest post: recombu shows how even affiliate sites are now competing with traditional media

Peter Moore’s guest post does two things: first, he shows how far affiliate marketing companies are prepared to change their business models to maintain their paid search rankings and, second, he drums home the argument that it is content, and quality content … Continue reading

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Why it matters that I successfully bagged my Facebook username

It’s 4.58 am this morning in the UK and the alarm kicks off. I’ve set it to bag my Facebook username. What this means is that whenever I direct people to Facebook, I will no longer send them to a … Continue reading

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Use the rules of traditional journalism to ensure you’re on your best behaviour in social media

Social media encourages a sense of glorious informality. But do not let its appearance blind you to the necessity of rules. Take the issue of confidentiality. Can you Tweet a comment made in a LinkedIn group? Can you write in your blog something that … Continue reading

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