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New Jersey’ Star Ledger launches daily ‘cast

US paper, New Jersey’s Star-Ledger a daily ‘cast by ace reporter Brian Donohue earlier this week. Stories for the debut included a local politician resigning, a rock star performance and a kid with disabilities. News is most certainly local. Over twenty reporters … Continue reading

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Digg’s Kevin Rose and NYU’s Jay Rosen launch video diaries!

Digg founder Kevin Rose and NYU journalist teacher Jay Rosen post up new daily video diaries. The first uses, the latter, both of which allow the user to film and upload in one integrated process. Rose’s broadcast tells the story of … Continue reading

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Shira Lazar, entertainment reporter, to join TechCrunch!?!

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington breaks the news in a Tweet last night that he has just interviewed entertainment reporter Shira Lazar for “a writing/video position” at the top blog site. Was it a joke? Is it a slip of the cursor? … Continue reading

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Twitter’s new design but not as expected!

We all knew that Twitter was planning a redesign but I woke up this morning and scarcely imagined it would look like this!  Looks like something wrong again – not just on my Mac, by the way, but also the … Continue reading

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A practical guide for print publications in a digital world

Fascinating posting by Popmatters’ Jason Gross, former geek turned rock journalist, offering advice for how long-running print publications can adapt to this brave new Net-driven world. Among his headings are Forget about easy answers “everything changes quickly” Forget about long-term answers too “there is … Continue reading

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A new type of spam on my WordPress blog

A new type of spam has begun to appear in the spam filter of my WordPress blog. Whereas once the spam filter picked up rather crude and obvious messages largely about insurance and banking (no spam offering Viagra yet!), suddenly … Continue reading

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Top Tweet o’ the week – Bush, Karadzic and Williams

NYU journalism teacher and blogger Jay Rosen makes it into Hilary Lehman’s Tweet o’ the week in her blogFrustrations of a young journalist.   So here are mine. First colleague Paul Way And second the Guardian’s technology editor Charles Arthur

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Digital helps Daily Mail after drop in advertising revenues

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph, in an article headlined “Daily Mail owner says online helps offset fall in print advertising”, reports that Total advertising revenues at Associated were down 3pc, but that figure included growth in online advertising. When online is stripped … Continue reading

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How to live blog an event – part I

I am blogging live from a presentation by the Genie Group. Guy Sneesby, MD, and Martin Connolly, commercial director, both from Genie Group are here in our office showing us their kit which, they claim, can build a website in … Continue reading

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Why has Microsoft sent me a magazine?

How peculiar. Arriving in the post (remember that!), a full-colour magazine on glossy paper (and remember that!) called Microsft Connections in Communications. I cannot even find the address for a website within its pages. While Microsoft’s customers in the media … Continue reading

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