Shira Lazar, entertainment reporter, to join TechCrunch!?!

TechCrunch's Michael Arrington Tweets

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington breaks the news in a Tweet last night that he has just interviewed entertainment reporter Shira Lazar for “a writing/video position” at the top blog site.

Was it a joke? Is it a slip of the cursor? Either way, let’s just imagine if it was true. How cool would that be to have Lazar as a reporter? What better than, first, a woman in a largely male world of bloggers who cover digital/technology and, second, someone who is far from a geek? See her on YouTube below or her own blog site The Pop Report.

But even more importantly it would underline the growing crossover between digital and entertainment. Indeed as owners like Digg’s Kevin Rose and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey become celebrities or, at least, mini-celebrities in their own right in their quest to position their products for a cool young audience, the appointment of Lazar to TechCrunch would provide a voice in tune with cool young things.

Let’s hope TechCrunch’s loyal followers – surely some curmudgeons among them – would not see it as dumbing down. 

A final thought. Why not the Guardian’s Jemima Kiss for TechCrunch’s UK anchor? She’s bright, she’s linked in and she ain’t no geek – the closest the UK gets to All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher. I am voting for her.

Oh shucks, I hope Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington wasn’t joking. It would all be so much FUN!?!

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