How to live blog an event – part I

I am blogging live from a presentation by the Genie Group.

Guy Sneesby, MD, and Martin Connolly, commercial director, both from Genie Group are here in our office showing us their kit which, they claim, can build a website in an hour. Clients include Sky and ITV. They ask whether we have Firefox – as my colleague Rob says “in a corpoarate environment!”. We manage it. 

Elements include payment portal, I-frame pull for a photo, polls, links to blogging sites, RSS feeds and aggregators such as Digg. We are looking at a site called Gizmo Pro. Genie is not precious about who hosts the site.

Now we are going into the back office.We are looking at the design template section where you can drop in several designs at once. Multiple different section layouts so you can have a different template for different parts of the same site section.

Theoretically you could have designers rather than web designers to bring about change. There is no undo button though. There is a flash unit – sometimes known as a “hero unit” – can be removed, rotation can be speed up, colours changed etc.

My colleague Adele asks questions about support. Self-build, self-managed site but Genie Group will take on any extra work at £100 hourly rate. Also “dev” work would be around £300 and two days. Any questions from web editors about how to use CMS would be see as getting up to speed – free!

Questions coming fast about picture editing/editor and category trees for articles. Light box used for editing slides. Advertisements are just dropped into holes on the site using DART tags. Simple nav’ manager.

Forty five hours for a typical build at £100 per hours so, say £4.5-£6.5K. Twenty hours to build. Hosting is £250 per month. No turn around has been more than a week. Poll function would be used to create report for clients of recruitment/classified type material. Comment can be moderated. Tool in product for user generated content. Published appearance can follow existing templates ie can look like blogs or whatever. Martin would be our account manager.

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One Response to How to live blog an event – part I

  1. Rob says:

    Do you think their product has a place in a B2B marketplace?

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