How do you celebrate digital progress in your workplace?

Last week saw our second, annual Digital Achievement Day – a moment when everyone across the company celebrates the change in our culture as we move from a traditional to a new media company.

The day started with balloons on every desk and kicked off with a CEO’s breakfast Tweetup (invitations by Twitter, of course!). It then moved on to lunchtime workshops and finished with drinks and prize giving. In between, parts of the company organised anything from daylong digital strategy sessions to online competitions. We even used a hashtag.

Here’s what Matt Parsons, one of my colleagues, thought of the event.

Digital Achievement Day is a bit of fun really. But the serious side is this. Everyone knows how far we have come on our digital journey and how far we have to go. So, just once in a while, stop for a moment and recognise the distance travelled.

How do you celebrate digital progress in your workplace?

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