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It’s a myth that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI

Most social mediators have finished the year fearful, often justified, that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI (return on investment).  Their concerns are matched by more traditional players, companies and individuals who have come late to social media. They see the fun. … Continue reading

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An amusing take on marketers and social media

We loved this video so much that we kicked off our monthly meeting with it to the senior marketing managers this morning. The marketers have had a great autumn getting up to speed with social media but I am sure … Continue reading

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Are early adopters in social media ready for competition from a new wave of competitors?

They will compete with us to dominate social media. And they will do so because their chosen subject is more focused than us. Who are they and are we ready for them? They are, of course, people in non-digital jobs turning to social media for the … Continue reading

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How to manage your daily reading through RSS feeds

They fill my email inbox all day long. They boast names of interesting people. They jostle for my attention all day long. They promise to absorb and distract me. They are email subscriptions to leading bloggers’ daily posts or great news … Continue reading

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Are bloggers ready for the competition from the arrival of so many former, print journalists?

Do bloggers realise quite what is about to hit them?  Following wave after wave of redundancies on US and UK  newspapers and a marked shift to web-only or web-dominant on those titles that survive, hundreds of traditional journalists are about to flood the bloggers hallowed … Continue reading

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Three easy ways to find blogs about your chosen subject when starting from scratch

I am often asked the same question by people who are about to start writing a blog. “Where do I start to find blogs about my chosen subject?” In answer to the question, here are three easy steps. What are you suggestions? Absolutely the first … Continue reading

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A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

You can meet everyone in the blogosphere: leading social media marketers such as Jeremiah Owyang; top journalism teachers such as Jay Rosen and creative programmers such as Yongfook. But try and find a decent group of bloggers posting about Business-to-Business media and you … Continue reading

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