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Can B2B magazine brands survive?

lThe impact of digital on national and local papers dominates. The fate of B2B media has been all but ignored. So you can imagine my delight, after a week offline, to discover a real debate. Well “delight” might be the wrong … Continue reading

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Are bloggers ready for the competition from the arrival of so many former, print journalists?

Do bloggers realise quite what is about to hit them?  Following wave after wave of redundancies on US and UK  newspapers and a marked shift to web-only or web-dominant on those titles that survive, hundreds of traditional journalists are about to flood the bloggers hallowed … Continue reading

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Jarvis v Rosenbaum – latest on the “death-of-journalism” spat rocking the US

For those of you familiar with Jeff Jarvis’ elegant weekly column in the Guardian or even more erudite blog Buzzmachine,you may already have heard of the spat “between digital news evangelist Jeff Jarvis and veteran print author Ron Rosenbaum” as … Continue reading

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A list of bloggers who focus on B2B media

You can meet everyone in the blogosphere: leading social media marketers such as Jeremiah Owyang; top journalism teachers such as Jay Rosen and creative programmers such as Yongfook. But try and find a decent group of bloggers posting about Business-to-Business media and you … Continue reading

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Indefatigable digital identity of Editor 2.0

We encouraged them. We cajoled them. And, if necessary, pushed them. Editors of traditional B2B media have had a tough time trying to manage the tricky task of maintaining quality on their print product while constantly expanding the online offering. … Continue reading

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