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I am offline for a week – the first time in five months!

As I go on holiday tomorrow morning, I am about to take my SIM card from my Blackberry and put it in an old mobile phone, shut down my laptop- there’s only internet cafes where I am going – and pack two and … Continue reading

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Three easy ways to find blogs about your chosen subject when starting from scratch

I am often asked the same question by people who are about to start writing a blog. “Where do I start to find blogs about my chosen subject?” In answer to the question, here are three easy steps. What are you suggestions? Absolutely the first … Continue reading

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Two initiatives which use collaboration to build communities

Two new, or newish, initatives for community building between bloggers have emerged. Both, in that great supportive spirit of the blogosphere, strives to do its best for those whose blogs might be overlooked and undervalued. But the approach to links is so … Continue reading

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Technorati and Pew surveys contradict eachother

I am sitting here confused, and to be honest rather angry. Yesterday’s Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008 got me really excited with its claim that over three quarters of internet users read blogs. I even wrote a posting about … Continue reading

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Two surveys reveal social media becoming mainstream in the US

Two surveys out this week – one by Technorati and the other by MarketTools – show just how big, just how mainstream the blogosphere has become in the US. Here is a quote from Matt Rhodes’ posting on FreshNetworks Blog. … Continue reading

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After three months of blogging!

Three months in and 112 postings, 46 comments and two templates later.  My hits are approaching 5,000, 178 in one day, and my readers are completely global My Technorati ranking stands at 388,404, up from 1.5 million two months ago I … Continue reading

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These Digital Times achieves 2000 hits in weeks!

This blog, These Digital Times, went over the 2000 hits mark earlier this evening. I had always realised that the majority of my readers are from the US – traffic rises as the day progresses in the US not the … Continue reading

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What do Technorati’s rankings mean?

I have been fascinated by blog aggregator Technorati’s “rankings”. At first, it was to see where I stood which, over the two last weeks, appears to have been a rapidly moving feast. On July 9, I stood at 1,502,798, on … Continue reading

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