Paul Way’s opinion on Viewzi

My colleague Paul Way had some cool comments to make about Viewzi and Searchme which I repeat here:
” I think these new searches are very interesting although I don’t know if there is an immediate message we should be taking from this. What I mean is that Viewzi is very, very cool looking. And if it seems slightly familiar to you, then you porably own a recent issue iPod which has a viewing mode called Cover Flow. Cover Flow just lists your album covers in a line and scrolls through them (exactly the way Viewzi does). So this is more about packaging than the actual substance. I will admit though that the Viewzi interface does segment thes things well and actually encourages more interaction (again, something that Apple has turned into an art form).
“Sites like Searchme and Viewzi are the new breed of what’s called ‘visual search’. What that means is that these search engines provide very visual search results. Viewzi, for example, breaks your search into 15 different ‘views’, which includes things like photos, video, mp3s adn weather. In that way, it’s trying to segment for you and find what you’re looking for (especially with regard to rich media). But it’s hit and miss at this point, and you have to rely on the 15 views they provide. It’s pretty certain the the evolution of this will take it to a more personal level, allowing you or I to create our own views based on our own preferences.
“at this stage, I think Viewzi and Searchme are great personal tools, especially for the very visually savvy (macusers, teens etc) . The one thing is emphasises is that search needs to become more personalised.”
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1 Response to Paul Way’s opinion on Viewzi

  1. John,

    Great minds think alike! 🙂

    We will be releasing an open API that will allow designers and developers to create their own views! Stay tunes.

    giovanni gallucci, viewzi evangelist

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