How easy is it to set up the Sweetcron Lifestream by Yongfook, part I?

Finally I (along with millions of others) received my email from Japanese webdesigner Yongfook providing the instructions to set up my own Sweetcron lifestream, just like his own well-known one. What Yongook has done is design a really neat aggregator for all your social media activities such as Twitter, Youtube and Delicious. His software lets people personalise it. It looks really good, a lot better than Friendfeed for example.

Under a headline “OMG Sweet”, Yongoof writes

Sweetcron is now available for download.  I’m only announcing it to this list for now – don’t you feel special?

I’ll keep an eye on the group and try to help as much as I can (but I do have to sleep sometimes).

It’s an open source project so you can grab the download from here:

Ongoing documentation is here, but it should be enough to get you started:

And finally…if you’re having trouble with installing Sweetcron, lets use this discussion group:

How easy is it? I’ve set up several blogs, built my own “Homestead” website, cut and paste enough HTML into widgets that I thought I could have a go. But no. The first mention of a Zip file put me off – but I have no digital experience.

So I have left it with the two colleagues at work, Adele Turner, who has bags of web experience, and Rob Enslin, who has more of a programming background. They are going too have a go at it and we are going to use this blog to report back on how it goes.

OK, we are bit late since some people have already raced to set it up and succeeded, as reported in postings by ReadWriteWeb and Pixel Bits, but how easy it is to do, what it looks like when you have done it – these will provide some of the answers to some of my recent questions:

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