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Guest post: how to be a better listener by becoming a Power Google Reader

Many of my colleagues ask me how to get started in social media. I always say “listen”. Set up a Twitter profile, but do not Tweet. Read blogs, but do not comment. Listen to the conversation, before you dare to … Continue reading

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A list of 10 social media habits that I am stopping immediately

1. I am no longer looking to subscribe to individual blogs via RSS. If I admire a blogger, such as Mike Fruchter, I look whether he has a Google Shared Items page to which he bookmarks his top posts by other … Continue reading

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Are early adopters in social media ready for competition from a new wave of competitors?

They will compete with us to dominate social media. And they will do so because their chosen subject is more focused than us. Who are they and are we ready for them? They are, of course, people in non-digital jobs turning to social media for the … Continue reading

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Five reasons to be interested in Facebook once more

It comes in waves. One day I am obsessed with Twitter. Another day it is back to FriendFeed. But, at the moment, it’s Facebook. I’ll try and tell you why. Only a few months ago, I was asking on this blog … Continue reading

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Six steps to get started in social media

I am often asked by my colleagues and people on Tweets how to START in the world of social media, particularly blogging. So here’s my six step plan I would follow (ie sign up for their email alerted postings) blogs by former journalists … Continue reading

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Why not use FriendFeed to live blog – how to live blog an event/part II

Darren ‘Problogger’ Rowse’s recommendation to read WebWorkerDaily’s posting on live blogging comes just as a colleague has done just that on his blog. It gets me thinking. Why not use FriendFeed to live blog from a conference, for example? In fact, why not … Continue reading

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What will blogs look like in future?

It is quite clear that there are about to be fundamental changes in what blogs will look like. Or, perhaps a better phrase, what part blogs will play in people’s future digital identity. Blog ReadWriteRead summed up the changes recently … Continue reading

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