Blogger v WordPress – part iv

Just a little rant about WordPress.

I took the decision almost two months ago that I would set up my blog on WordPress which has felt absolutely right. But one or two niggles in the last week. Why is it that it is not compatible with feeds by

  • I wanted to have a panel on my site showing who exactly had visited the site Steve Outing’s (click through and look down the right hand side). But it ain’t possible.
  • I wanted to have an activity panel from MyBlogLog (illustrated right) one way to get a lifestream on my blog. But it ain’t possible either.
Apparently the reason is that each one involves Java Script so not possible on WordPress. And just like the promise that WordPress will one day be compatible for Google ads, so I have been promised that WordPress will make Java work one day. Wonder how long we will have to wait.
Follow the reason why I started this blog on WordPress, click here
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1 Response to Blogger v WordPress – part iv

  1. Douglas says:

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry to hear about your two disappointments with We do indeed block JavaScript for security reasons and we are frequently adding additional shortcodes and widgets to help our users get around that block and continue to add extra features to their blogs.

    I have seen forum mentions that there are alternative MyBlogLog widgets that use just HTML and not JavaScript and that those work. Some of the topics found here might be useful:

    If you cannot figure it out after looking through a couple of those topics, click on “Support” in the upper right and send in a ticket to our support team. You ask for the ticket to be assigned to me and I will get you an answer.

    Douglas Support

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