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Why are so many B2B media blogs anonymous?

To be honest, occasionally it has been a pretty lonely existence being a blogger. Of course there is instant gratification when you can get to know and collaborate rub with Peter Kim, a leading social media marketer, or Jay Rosen, the … Continue reading

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Can B2B magazine brands survive?

lThe impact of digital on national and local papers dominates. The fate of B2B media has been all but ignored. So you can imagine my delight, after a week offline, to discover a real debate. Well “delight” might be the wrong … Continue reading

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B2B magazine websites are “highly valued” according to AOP

Good news for B2B magazine websites from the AOP – the Association of Online Publishers which represents a wide cross section of media in the UK. Its most recent survey showed that B2B websites were: a highly valued and indispensable source of information … Continue reading

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When will B2B magazines become fully immersed in the issues confronting the rest of the media?

What evidence is there that the structural changes bringing about rapid change to US media is mirrored in the UK? And where do B2B magazines figure in this revolution? Are they, in some way, immune? The changes evident in the … Continue reading

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B2B mags better at growing digital business than consumer titles

The Guardian newspaper reports today that City, that is investment, sentiment prefers B2B magazines over consumer titles. The reason – B2Bs are perceived to have been quicker at building their digtital revenues than consumer ones in the face of declining … Continue reading

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