Prince William, go and work for Google!

Columnist Peter Preston asks in today’s Guardian, why Prince William, second in line to the throne, does not:

put his degree to good use and built a career – not settled for unveiling plaques and saluting parades. He would have found that modernity and utility are a perfect fit

The answer, of course, would be for him to relocate to California and go and work for a company such as Google. How cool would that be? The second in line to the throne of Great Britain up to speed with the digital revolution, able to friendfeed himself through life – a sort of UK Barack Obama. Just to emphasise how cool the web has become, read Google’s Vint Cerf in The Observer.

On his return from the US,  he would have qualified to be one of the leaders debating our digital future. It would plug him in to several different generations, just as his father’s passion for the environment makes him of interest to both young and old.

And it is not an unfeasible suggestion. Rachel Whetstone, Google’s new vice-president of global communications, has just moved from the UK to the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. She brings with her immaculate ties to the British establishment.

What a coup for Google! What an even greater coup for the UK.

Other celebrities who have embraced all things digital are tennis player Andrew Murray, radio presenter  Petroc Trelawny and entertainment reporter Shira Lazar.

Just how chic can the web become, see what I said over a month ago, click here.

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