Web 2.0 achievements: Using Twitter to sell tickets to The Future of Social Media Conference


Website for the Future of Social Media conference

Website for the Future of Social Media conference

Interesting news about an event at work. The Future of Social Media is a sold-out conference taking placce at the end of this month. It already boasted a LinkedIn group, a Twitter and now a Ning group. How has each social media activity performed with two weeks to go?

  1. Linked In – 141 peole have joined the LinkedIn group with 8 % going to the conference.
  2. Twenty five bloggers have linked to the conference site.
  3. Three per cent of bookings have come via Twitter – sounds low until you realise that, when the conference was first launched, the bookings through Twitter were running at 40%.
  4. What does this tell you? That early adopters of social media (ie those with Twitter accounts) got to see the marketing for the conference first and booked. The vast majority who have booked since are perhaps less up to speed with social media.
  5. I wonder how different the experience might be in the US. The wave of social media marketing is heading here from the US but has not quite hit.
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