A list of companies using social media to market themselves in the UK

UPDATE: Please go to here if you wish to add your company’s name to this list.

Let’s check out just how active social media is in the UK. In the spirit of Peter Kim and lists compiled collaboratively through the blogosphere – how many companies are using social media to market themselves in the UK and what are their names? I am going to kick off with:-

 1 Credit: Matt Rhodes, 2 Credit: RealFreshTV, 3 Credit: Peter Kim, 4 Credit: Chi-Chi Ekweozor, 5 Credit: Matt Parsons

Can you add a name to a list of social media marketing companies in the UK?

How quickly will UK companies turn to social media to market themselves? 8 October 2008

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6 Responses to A list of companies using social media to market themselves in the UK

  1. Peter Kim says:

    John – love the directions you’re taking here!

  2. Thanks for the linky linky, John.

    Will keep an eye on your write up on UK companies using social media, looks pretty good.

    You may want to add:

    BAE Systems Graduate Blog


    It’s just come to my attention that FTSE 100-listed company BAE Systems also (or now) have a graduate blog. It’s in a section of their site called ‘BAE Systems and me’.

    Worth checking out.

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  4. Thanks for including McKay Flooring in your list. It’s nice to see our social media work being recognised. We’re going to use social media even more in the coming months once we’ve integrated our blog into our new site (Jan 2009). My other startup http://zungalow.com will be getting similar treatment once it’s up and running. Thanks


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  6. waltersamuel says:

    Many companies are now looking at Facebook and Twitter as ways of reaching customers. Now airline companies and travel agencies are using Twitter to deal with complaints. There are now loads of new companies set up on social networks Find A Flight Buddy is using both.

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