It’s a myth that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI

scream1Most social mediators have finished the year fearful, often justified, that social media suffers from a lack of accountability or ROI (return on investment). 

Their concerns are matched by more traditional players, companies and individuals who have come late to social media.

They see the fun. But where’s the process?  Where’s the strategy? Where’s the money?

Warning! Warning! Warning!

We are all in danger of putting people off before we have really got started.

I think everyone should just calm down. They are missing a point.

Early-adopter social mediators and the difficult-to-persuade are misreading the excitement of the active late-comers.

Yes, the latter are thrilled to set up a Twitter account or kick off a blog without so much as a who-is-it-for or a why-are-we-doing-this. 

The resultant half-born profiles and scatter-gun postings lie shivering and neglected all around us. But at least they got going.

Give them a break.

Let them set up this and neglect that. And then let them begin to work out who they really want to follow and by whom they really want to be followed. They are only going to understand such words once they have got got involved.

The solution to the problem

The irony is that these excited, active, latecomers to social media are the solution to all our problems.

They are not in this social media buzz because of the kit or technology.

They are there because they have always been good at media. Social media is just the next thing. So

I am not naive. I know it is harder than that.

But, don’t  imagine that the long-honed skills of process, procedural driven people are suddenly going to be lost in the excitement of social media – that marketers no longer market, or sales no longer sell, or journalists no longer write. That just makes out social media to be more than it is.  

Photo credit: Oddsock

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