Five reasons to be interested in Facebook once more

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It comes in waves. One day I am obsessed with Twitter. Another day it is back to FriendFeed. But, at the moment, it’s Facebook. I’ll try and tell you why.

Only a few months ago, I was asking on this blog what is the point of Facebook. I even asked a colleague to come and show me what turned her on. But to no avail. The interface was too busy. The pages did not make sense. Who were all these “friends”, anyway? And then…

And then, I began to get it. Here are my reasons.

  1. If you are new to social media, Facebook is a good way to get up to speed. Imagine yourself a social media virgin, once more, and forced to kick off with FriendFeed. I don’t think so! 
  2. Are you fearful of the divide between your professional and private life?  There is no quicker way to learn this division than through Facebook – just take a look at your “friends'” profiles and work out what you wouldn’t put up.
  3. If you don’t join Facebook, you cannot compare it to LinkedInSome might be really LinkedIn. Some might be rather more Facebook. Do you know which one is suitable? If you cannot compare the two, you are not going to learn which network is right for your community.
  4. Sign up to and play one of the games. No, it is not puerile. If you have never experienced a viral game this is your chance to do what spotty teenagers in Arizona are brought up on.
  5. Can you encourage your “friends” to join a group to which you can sensitively market them something? Many of my “friends” work in the travel industry – I used to be editor of a weekly newspaper for the travel industry. You might well be in a similar situation where your group is dominated by one type of worker. Is there a way to create a more professional group activity – I call this the “Trojan Horse”.

Are you still enjoying Facebook? Or are you really turned on by another social media activity?

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