B2B magazine websites are “highly valued” according to AOP

Good news for B2B magazine websites from the AOP – the Association of Online Publishers which represents a wide cross section of media in the UK. Its most recent survey showed that B2B websites were:

a highly valued and indispensable source of information

The key findings are

  • 97% stated that B2B websites were “the media most used for work”
  • 60% ranked them “an essential source of information”
  • 60% consider business websites as providing information that they couldn’t get elsewhere
  • B2B websites are also favoured over two and a half times more than TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers sources combined

It went on to say that 

B2B sites are also shown to provide a highly effective medium for advertisers with 43% of business professionals being more likely to respond to advertising on a business website than advertising in other media

  • 53% of users being more likely to have confidence in, or do business with, a company, if it advertises on a business site they know
  • 74% trust a website more if it comes from a source that they know already (eg. business publication or industry body)

Why is it then that I am not surprised by these results? As a three-times B2B editor over the past two decades, I am intimately aware that industries and professions are always passionately loyal to their weekly or monthly dose of news, features and gossip? What would be useful going forward, therefore, is a survey that compares the loyalty of readers to their magazines AND websites. Do B2B readers respect their magazines websites as much as they loved their magazines? The question becomes even more crucial as the pace of disintermediation quickens across the industry.

We need Paul Conley on this one!

UPDATE: Use the internet to increase sales during the downturn, says The Federation of Small Businesses according to a survey in FreshBusinessThinking.

Nearly half of small businesses that use the internet to advertise their firm increase turnover by one fifth, according to new figures released by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

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One Response to B2B magazine websites are “highly valued” according to AOP

  1. illiterato says:

    If you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. Industry-specific business publications are bound to have greater insight than, for example, consumer titles and nationals because of their scope and where they direct their resources.

    B2B journalists are both better equipped in terms of the number of industry sources, and more inclined to seek out stories that rely on infinitesimal details, because that’s what they’re tasked to do. Probably the only area where they’ll be trumped by the nationals is where the story comes from regulatory and government sources, or where it concerns the real behemoth companies.

    The print/web dichotomy is an interesting one, though, because unlike where national newspapers and news websites have a great deal of competition, B2B mags often don’t have many titles to fight with. In fact, a mag or website may only be competing with other websites and mags owned by the same publisher.

    Sometimes, the bigger B2B publishers in the UK just seem concerned with cornering the market for ad revenues in the particular industry they’re operating in by having an all-pervasive presence in print and online, and in dailies/weeklies/monthlies/supplements, and thus pushing any other publishers out. Which seems like an inefficient use of their energies.

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