Three easy ways to find blogs about your chosen subject when starting from scratch

stone-skippingI am often asked the same question by people who are about to start writing a blog. “Where do I start to find blogs about my chosen subject?” In answer to the question, here are three easy steps. What are you suggestions?

  1. Absolutely the first step is Addictomatic. You simply type in a word or phrase and it spews back every mention of such content on a Twitter, blog, YouTube….It is endlessly fascinating.
  2. Just get reading. Use a blog aggregator like Technorati to refine your search or preferably, as suggested by CeCe SolomonLee in comments below. I used to spend long Sunday mornings lost in the Sunday Times and holidays lost in the latest Booker Prize winning novel. Now I spend every moment skipping like a stone form one blog to another, endlessly fascinated by what I find, endlessly learning, signing up for RRS feeds and email subscriptions.
  3. Sign up to Twitter and look for people in the sector you are interested in. Start following them – don’t worry whether they follow you, that’s for later – and click through on their tinyurls to the articles, postings and pictures they are spewing out.

I am glad people ask the question where to find blogs, to be honest. I bang on and on that the key act of blogging is going out and commenting on what is being said. Just by asking the question, it suggests that the people are stepping right over the old-fashioned style of “broadcast” blogging (stick it up and EXPECT people to come to it) and starting out afresh with “social media” blogging (get involved with the conversation and pull readers in).

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4 Responses to Three easy ways to find blogs about your chosen subject when starting from scratch

  1. csalomonlee says:

    I would also go to – the goal is to aggregate the top blogs in specific topics. Otherwise, it can be overwhelming to go through the results via Technorati.

  2. maferguson1 says:

    I was an virgin until this morning. There’s a lot of facinating stuff. The options are endless. I just wish I had time. I’m supposed to be on holiday just now but I’m taking pelters for having my head esconded in the laptop!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi. First of all, I’ll warn you that I’m a cofounder of the site I’m about to recommend, so obviously there’s a touch of self promotion involved but it really is a good choice when it comes to finding new blogs on a particular topic. has editors who hand-pick the very best blogs and then categorize them into nearly 500 different topics so that it’s easy to find blogs on things that interest you. Because we’re more selective than Alltop, you’re more likely to find something well-written and relevant when you do a search. We’re a fairly new site (about three months old) and I’d love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to email me.

  4. sjedwardz says:

    I’ve just started using Fast Blog finder, (paid for the full edition as the free one was a bit limiting) but will have a look at alltop and Addictomatic a try. If I’m not careful I’ll spend more time reading blogs that doing work!

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