Is it time to stop using the phrase “social media”?

Their eyes cloud over. Then there’s a nervous little laugh. Damn, I’ve lost them. It’s that phrase social media again, turning civilised human beings into twitching wrecks.

They cannot escape its constant repetition at work where their email inboxes are filled with conferences on the subject. They cannot even escape it at home where their loved ones tease them about an activity they’ve known only for mooning teenagers. They all know it is absurdly important but can they have a break, please?

So my New Month resolution is this. Stop using the phrase. Just talk about the benefits. You want to

  • hear what is being said about your product or your business sector? 
  • see what your communities are thinking?
  • find out what your thought leaders are considering?
  • join in that debate and give a response?
  • find low-cost solutions to previously costly new build?

There, I did it. And not a social media in sight. Just good, old, honest media!

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About John Welsh

John Welsh has spent his entire working life in business-to-business media, first traditional publishing, having edited three magazines over 14 years, and, second, exhibitions since 2007. He started this blog on 22 June 2008 and ended it on 18 May 2010.
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