A list of ten Google Reader Shared Items to which you can subscribe saving you time.

Corvida Raven's Google Reader Shared ItemsUPDATE: I’ve added an eleventh!

You’ve only just learnt to manage your daily reading through RSS feeds. And soon you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of blogs to which you have subscribed. What do you do? 

Why not subscribe to the Google Reader Shared Items of those bloggers that you trust and admire? Here is how to find Google Reader Shared Items from anyone if you don’t know where to look.Or follow my list and discover some with whom you might not be so familiar.

They appraise hundreds of blogs on a daily basis and post only those they rate to their Google Reader Shared Items. 

They make choices – having edited down the mass to a manageable few – so you will need to do much less reading. 

You might also be introduced to new thinkers and writers. These bloggers tend to subscribe to so many blogs – Mike Fruchter mentions subscribing to over 1000 in a guest post on how to become a power Google reader on this blog – that they come across hidden gems.

Of course you have to trust the blogger’s taste, values and editing skills. But, a hint here. If they produce regular work of a consistent standard that strikes a chord with you, their Google Reader Shared Items is just as likely to be for you.

Here’s a list of ten Google Reader Shared Items to which you can subscribe saving you time.

  1. AJ Kohn – Some serious tech stuff but also an nice eclectic mix of sci-fi book reviews and social media badges. (MF)
  2. Chris BroganJust like his blog, Chris’ Shared Items are a useful spread of the best new and social media writing. 
  3. Corvida Raven – Social media blogger behind “SheGeeks”, student and evangelist. She’s gonna’ go far. (LG)
  4. Jesse Stay – Blogger and author of “The Social Geek”. (MF)
  5. Louis Gray -If you cannot face TechCrunch, GigaOM and Gawker filling your reader every day, sign up to Louis’ list.
  6. Mark Dykeman – The Canadian’s choices cover communication, social media, and technology. (MF)
  7. Mike Fruchter – Mike is famous for the width of his reading. It comes out in these Shared Items.
  8. NetMediaPlanet –  From NMP’s research and insight department and details development in various verticals from search, PPC, social media to online behavior in general. (PM)
  9. Rob Diana – Author behind RegularGeek blog “where programming, the internet and social media collide”. (LG)
  10. Steve Rubel – As you would expect of a leading PR blogger, much on new rather than social media, many from his company’s blog.
  11. David Cohn – building his own personal brand and commenting on the new journalism.

Thanks to Mike Fruchter (MF), Louis Gray (LG) and Peter Moore (PM) for their suggestions.

If you still cannot find anything in those ten, then try FriendFeed’s Shared Items room, as suggested to me by Louis Gray. 

Are you going to subscribe to some Google Reader Shared Items? And, if you already do, whom would you add to the list?

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7 Responses to A list of ten Google Reader Shared Items to which you can subscribe saving you time.

  1. Corvida says:

    Thank you John! I really appreciate that and I do hope you enjoy what I share. I try to share things I think everyone could find of interest, though my shares are normally focused on technology (social media, gadgets, mobile, web)

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  3. AJ Kohn says:

    Thanks very much John. This is actually my first time on any serious list and will encourage me to share a bit more through Google Reader.

    In fact, I’ve been a bit busy lately and have been slacking. Thanks again and all the best.

  4. markdykeman says:

    Thanks John. You’ll probably find that my Google Shares have broadened out from comms, tech, and social media, but there’s still some of that stuff there.

  5. Digidave says:

    Wow… thanks for putting me on that list.

    I feel like Wayne “I’m not worthy.”

    But you are right on one thing: Google Reader rocks. Changed my reading habits forever.

  6. Thanks for the list, I will try it out.

  7. John Welsh says:

    Thanks for your comments @Corvida @AJ Kohn @markdykeman and @Digidave. I’m really enjoying your shares but you have also introduced me to some people I just did not know. So a big thanks.

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