The 10 questions I ask myself before I publish any blog post

376588066_ae1f1f8363I used to publish my blog posts immediately after writing them.

Now I write, save, reconsider, save, rewrite, save, sleep, wake…oh, and then publish. The more time I build in before publishing a post, the more visitors I get to this blog.

Ask yourself these questions.

1 Do you have the space and time to reflect deeply on your post?

Tip: Make notes of ideas during the week. If blogging is not your full time job, write only during the weekend.

2 Is your post easy to read or daunting to a first time reader?

Tip: Try organising your posts in different ways. I started this post with bullet points, then experimented with numbers and have ended up with questions/tips.

3 Are all those words or even sentences necessary?

Tip: Reread your post and ask whether you can cut out a word or whole sentences. Go back and cut out more. And more.

4 What combination of typography makes it easier to read?

Tip: Even with a basic blog platform like this I can use bold, normal or italic, bullet points or numbers, quotations and pictures. Experiment until it is easier to read.

5 What will the post actually look like when published?

Tip: Click on preview. Have a really close look at what your post looks like down to how the text fits round the picture.

6 Are you the only person in the world with perfect spelling?

Tip: Use the spell check. I have no doubt that someone can find spelling and grammar mistakes in this post. But, without spell check, you’re doomed.

7 Does this post need to be published right now?

Tip: If it is a breaking story, get on with it. But if there is no good answer to this question, literally sleep on it.

8 Have you thought of the implication of every word you have written?

Tip: You really need to be sensitive to every type of reader. You want opinionated commenters but not those who are outraged by a misunderstanding.

9 Do you know how to publish a post using your blog’s timer?

Tip: This post was published just as the traffic to this blog takes off. As important, I can leave the blog’s timer to take care of the post while I get to work.

10 Do you see your post as a one-off or part of that week’s schedule?

Tip: Even if it is a one-off in content, think of your post as part of a weekly programme. How does it fit in?

What questions do you ask yourself before publishing a post?

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7 Responses to The 10 questions I ask myself before I publish any blog post

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  3. Yuri says:

    Brilliant tips/questions to ask yourself before blogging also applicable to twittering or updating one’s facebook page.. Can I add: If I was to read this text written by someone else, would I find it interesting? And if the honest answer to this is ‘Yes’, then go ahead. Most times you realise you are really writing it for yourself and you shoudn’t ‘go public’ with it.

  4. Great tips, John!

    One more: Learn to get into the flow by writing from the heart.

    Relating to #5 – Layout is important. Long paragraphs are hard to read. Make it easy for your readers.

    Warmly; @AuntieStress

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