From the very beginning

There is a sort of hierarchy as to what I can do in the digital age. I can send a Tweet from my mobile while crossing the road. I need only be sitting at my desk to accept a new friend on linkedin. It took all afternoon at home, recovering from a disgusting cold, to set up this blog. The technicals do not take up the time – blogspot is a truly easy package – but rather enough headspace to work out what elements make up a blog. You might read them but have you actually taken in the detail?
I have always been interested in Jeff Jarvis’ column in the Media Guardian. Surrounded by cascades of copy about the BBC or consumer magazines, Jarvis often came across as the token New Media guru. But step into his digital identity at Buzz Machine and you get the true picture of the man. He has just left the US to travel to Paris and London. His mobile is not working – I like that – but he is still managing to rouse a rabble of bloggers on an issue of copyright with AP. And he has just made it into Vanity Fair’s blogopticon.
Picture 5


Credit for getting me going, though, must also go to my colleague Rob Enslin and his exuberant blog. Living the dream feeds into a community of superfit cyclists who seem to spend every weekend doing a casual 200 km race over the South Downs. I just copied his use of blogspot but I can see that he has used the html tabs to make his site beautifully designed and much more individual. He does have programming experience.
Oh yes, and I have even signed up to have google ads on my blog. Now that’s a very useful afternoon!
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