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On Being John Welsh: why you need to change your social media identity to remain authentic

I’ve done it. I’ve changed the design of my blog. Out has gone the masthead that has loyally followed me for the first tempestuous 11 months in the blogosphere. And in comes a new one by Claudia Moeller (who Tweets … Continue reading

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Interview with Tony Uphoff – on using Facebook and Twitter to network at events

Tony Uphoff runs UBM’s TechWeb (a sister company to my own) which runs Information Week and the Web 2.0 Expo co-produced with O’Reilly Media. Tony is very active in social media with a blog Uphoff on Media and a Twitter. Here he … Continue reading

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Seven tips for getting the most out of an Event 2.0

I’ve just returned from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Before I left, I exploited my existing social media activity. I did not approach any potential contacts directly but used social media in what I called the etiquette of … Continue reading

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Interview with Paul Way – the impact of Facebook and Twitter on mainstream businesses

Paul Way and I used to work together in London before he moved back to the US to work for sister company UBM TechInsights. I met up with him for breakfast in San Francisco’s Dottie’s True Blue cafe where he reminded … Continue reading

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Interview with David Cohn – the future of investigative journalism

David Cohn’s Spot.us is an experiment “to preserve investigative journalism” in the San Francisco bay area.  This is how it works. Members of the public choose which topic should be investigated by a journalist, pledging anything from $5 upwards.  Listen to … Continue reading

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Predictions and observations on the future of social media by Peter Kim

Peter Kim, blogger, Twitterer and social media expert, faced my Flip next. He had picked up that I was coming to San Francisco following my post on the etiquette of permission networking. He commented, suggesting we meet up. Here he … Continue reading

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Interview with Cece Salomon-Lee – virtual experience to become more dominant online

I’m an avid reader of Cece Salomon-Lee’s PR Meets Marketing blog. Recently she has been exploring video, particularly for expressing her story. It’s good. Listen to how Cece uses Twitter to network at events and how she sees the virtual experience … Continue reading

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