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Make sure none of your brand’s future social media profiles can be stolen

Do you remember when you were about to launch a new website for a magazine/exhibition/product? You found it easy to name because you just took the existing brand and dotcommed it. Then you discovered that the name had already been pinched … Continue reading

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Are early adopters in social media ready for competition from a new wave of competitors?

They will compete with us to dominate social media. And they will do so because their chosen subject is more focused than us. Who are they and are we ready for them? They are, of course, people in non-digital jobs turning to social media for the … Continue reading

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Five reasons to be interested in Facebook once more

It comes in waves. One day I am obsessed with Twitter. Another day it is back to FriendFeed. But, at the moment, it’s Facebook. I’ll try and tell you why. Only a few months ago, I was asking on this blog … Continue reading

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In the future, will companies only consider candidates with a social media footprint?

Chris Brogan’s asks Should Every Outward Facing Employee Have a Web Presence? When the economy recovers and companies start hiring once more, should you only consider people for jobs who boast a social media profile? It would be simple to police. Google their name … Continue reading

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Three approaches to social networks and how to get them started

If you are looking at how to “garden”, that is foster, your online communities, you are probably also wondering how exactly to achieve it. I’ve come up with three different approaches that I call “Keep It In The Family”, “The Great Escape” and “The … Continue reading

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Six steps to get started in social media

I am often asked by my colleagues and people on Tweets how to START in the world of social media, particularly blogging. So here’s my six step plan I would follow (ie sign up for their email alerted postings) blogs by former journalists … Continue reading

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Digital becomes ever so chic once more

Flickr, Twitter, Huffington Post have always been betrayed as glamorous and funky. But now even their remote ancestors, programming, gain equal status. Vanity Fair’s An Oral History of the Internet – How the Web Was Won in its July issue … Continue reading

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