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Guest post: top ten tips on how to manage a Linkedin group

Guest post by Julius Solaris, a community manager and social media expert. Julius blogs at Event Manager Blog and manages the Linkedin Event Planning and Management group, which boasts more than 5300 event professionals from around the world. I have always been impressed by … Continue reading

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Five reasons to be interested in Facebook once more

It comes in waves. One day I am obsessed with Twitter. Another day it is back to FriendFeed. But, at the moment, it’s Facebook. I’ll try and tell you why. Only a few months ago, I was asking on this blog … Continue reading

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Three approaches to social networks and how to get them started

If you are looking at how to “garden”, that is foster, your online communities, you are probably also wondering how exactly to achieve it. I’ve come up with three different approaches that I call “Keep It In The Family”, “The Great Escape” and “The … Continue reading

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Two initiatives which use collaboration to build communities

Two new, or newish, initatives for community building between bloggers have emerged. Both, in that great supportive spirit of the blogosphere, strives to do its best for those whose blogs might be overlooked and undervalued. But the approach to links is so … Continue reading

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How to get more traffic to your blog

Two recent postings really pushed up the traffic on my site this week: one pretty logical; the other far from it!  What has been working? The first trick has been to get a comment on Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch that really … Continue reading

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